E-Cigarettes DON’T Help Smokers Quit In The Long-Term

E-Cigarettes DON'T Help Smokers Quit In The Long-Term

In news that will not shock anyone who’s actually paying attention to the issue, a new study has recently been released concluding that e-cigarettes are not effective at helping people quit smoking in the long run. The study goes on to say: “After a month of switching from tobacco to … Continue reading

5 Important Lessons From The Biggest E-Cigarette Study

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Written by Anna Almendrala – The Huffington Post See original article here Those colorfully lit e-cigarettes are giving off way more than just “harmless water vapor,” according to a comprehensive new study review by UC San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. Users could also be inhaling and exhaling low … Continue reading

E-Cigarettes Don’t Actually Help People Quit Smoking

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Written by Jeffrey Schaub – CBS San Francisco See original article here E-Cigarettes Don’t Actually Help People Quit Smoking, According To 84 Different Studies SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS ) — A newly released UCSF research study shows that claims made by some electronic cigarette manufacturers—that the devices actually help people quit smoking—are unlikely. … Continue reading