Cleveland Bans Tobacco, E-Cigarette Sales To People Under 21

Cleveland Tobacco Ban

Cleveland City Council passed legislation on Monday (December 7th, 2015) banning the sale or distribution of cigarettes, tobacco or other smoking products, including electronic cigarettes, to young adults. The hope is that increasing the minimum sales age from 18 would disrupt the supply to adolescents and teens. The Council also passed a … Continue reading

No Proof That E-Cigarettes Help People Quit

No Proof E-Cigs Work

According to a new report from USPSTF (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force), “The current evidence is insufficient to recommend electronic nicotine delivery systems for tobacco cessation in adults, including pregnant women.” The task force says that the studies done on e-cigs and smoking cessation have found that the devices are of … Continue reading

Stop Smoking Using SmartQuit – Volunteers Needed!

SmartQuit by 2Morrow

We were recently contacted by Satvir Singh, a Master’s student at the University of Waikato. She is looking for volunteers to participate in a study, which will be using a smart phone app (SmartQuit) to help reduce and stop smoking. SmartQuit is based on principles called acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) which has been … Continue reading

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fighting Antismoking Measures

Plain Packaged Tobacco Products

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its foreign affiliates have become the hammer for the tobacco industry, engaging in a worldwide effort to fight anti-smoking laws of all kinds. According to a New York Times article posted this morning, “The U.S. Chamber’s work in support of the tobacco industry in recent … Continue reading

New York City Wins Big Over Big Tobacco

NYC Legal Win Over Big Tobacco

This is an old article but I wanted to make sure I got it posted as it talks about how Big Tobacco isn’t always winning the day. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Griesa concluded that New York City did not overstep its powers by putting restrictions on price cuts in place. … Continue reading

E-Cigarettes DON’T Help Smokers Quit In The Long-Term

E-Cigarettes DON'T Help Smokers Quit In The Long-Term

In news that will not shock anyone who’s actually paying attention to the issue, a new study has recently been released concluding that e-cigarettes are not effective at helping people quit smoking in the long run. The study goes on to say: “After a month of switching from tobacco to … Continue reading

The Best Way to Quit Smoking Isn’t E-Cigs

According to tht U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, if you want to quit smoking, you’re better off with drug-based methods or behavior modification programs – not e-cigarettes. There isn’t enough evidence to support claims that e-cigs, which have been touted as the latest way to wean people off tobacco, can actually help … Continue reading

Princeton New Jersey Prohibits Tobacco Sales To Customers Under 21

Princeton Sets Tobacco Age At 21

Princeton has become the 7th New Jersey town prohibiting tobacco sales to customers under 21.  The town’s board of health unanimously adopted an ordinance Monday evening (4/20/2015) banning tobacco sales to those under the age of 21. Board member George DiFerdinando said, “The real impact of increasing the tobacco age of … Continue reading

E-Cigarettes Found To Harm Bystanders

E-Cigs Harm Bystanders

A recent study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is among the first to suggest that while e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, the vapour contains so much nicotine that bystanders can absorb a significant amount just by being there. Dr. Camilla Stoltenberg, Director-General at the NIPH, says, “Since e-cigarettes supply nicotine in … Continue reading