No Proof That E-Cigarettes Help People Quit

No Proof E-Cigs WorkAccording to a new report from USPSTF (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force), “The current evidence is insufficient to recommend electronic nicotine delivery systems for tobacco cessation in adults, including pregnant women.” The task force says that the studies done on e-cigs and smoking cessation have found that the devices are of no benefit in helping people break their addiction.

But they’re not the only study that has come to such findings. Researchers at the University of California in San Francisco parsed data from 75,643 teenagers in South Korea. They found that those who were trying to quit smoking were less likely to succeed if they also smoked e-cigs. Worse yet, many of the teens actually ended up smoking more traditional cigarettes. That’s right. Not only are the e-cigs not helping… they’re hurting.

Consumer Reports chief medical adviser Marvin M. Lipman, M.D. says, “At this point we just don’t have enough proof that e-cigarettes are safe, and that they are a useful tool for those who want to break their smoking addiction.”

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