World Overrun By Vapers – Not Cool

World Overrun By Vapers

OK look, we need to talk about vaping and its dangers. I’m not necessarily talking about the new damning reports detailing malfunctioning e-cigarettes that appear to be taking their cue from Westworld by turning on their masters and blowing up. The dangers I’m talking about are the ones to your pride, … Continue reading

Advertising Works – Our Children Prove It

I’ll take “Stuff we all know” for $1,000 Alex. Advertising affects what we want. Otherwise why would companies spend billions of dollars on it? According to new research, advertisements for bubble gum and other flavored e-cigarettes are attracting children to try vaping. The research conducted by the University of Cambridge … Continue reading

Smoking Kills – Kids Need To Know That

Smoking Kills - Kids Need To Know

Written by Lisa Salmon – BT See original article here Plain packaging’s a positive step, but let’s bring back those terrifying anti-smoking TV ads too, says Lisa Salmon So the UK is one step closer to introducing plain packaging for cigarettes, with the ultimate aim being to deter children from smoking. Any … Continue reading