U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fighting Antismoking Measures

Plain Packaged Tobacco Products

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its foreign affiliates have become the hammer for the tobacco industry, engaging in a worldwide effort to fight anti-smoking laws of all kinds. According to a New York Times article posted this morning, “The U.S. Chamber’s work in support of the tobacco industry in recent … Continue reading

Big Tobacco Going After E-Cigarettes With Strong Warnings

MarkTen Warnings

Tobacco companies, commonly referred to here as “Big Tobacco” are the cause of more deaths than just about anything on the planet Earth.  Then why all of a sudden are they voluntarily putting out some of the strongest warning labels AGAINST the up and coming e-cigarette industry? One warning, from … Continue reading

Selling Poison By The Barrel: Liquid Nicotine

Liquid Stimulant In E-Cigarettes

Written by Matt Richtel – The New York Times See original article here A dangerous new form of a powerful stimulant is hitting markets nationwide, for sale by the vial, the gallon and even the barrel. The drug is nicotine, in its potent, liquid form — extracted from tobacco and tinctured … Continue reading