E-Cigarettes May Deliver Doses Of Formaldehyde


The more information that comes out from folks who’ve studied e-cigarettes, the less they appear to be the silver bullet their propenents would you like you to believe they are. A recent study in New England Journal of Medicine suggests there may be something else to worry about when considering e-cigs: formaldehyde.  You … Continue reading

Anti-smoking Efforts In Ohio Back In Focus

Anti-smoking efforts in Ohio back in focus

Officials redouble efforts to prevent tobacco use from reigniting Written by Misti Crane – The Columbus Dispatch – http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/02/28/back-in-focus.html Elizabeth Pritchard lit her first cigarette in high school out of boredom, a longing for acceptance, rebellion. The usual. She didn’t give any thought to her health. Now, the German Village resident is 25, has … Continue reading