Children Get Sick Working Tobacco Farms

Tobacco farm - Warfield, VA

Written by Charlie Campbell – TIME See original article here A new Human Rights Watch report finds that child laborers, some as young as 7 years old, who work on tobacco farms in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, “get so sick that they throw up, get covered by pesticides and have … Continue reading

Report: E-cigarettes Appealing To Kids

E-Cigarettes Appealing To Kids

Written by Lisa Desjardins – CNN Politics See original article here Washington (CNN) – Redeploying a major argument from the battle over traditional cigarettes, a dozen Democratic members of Congress released a report on Monday concluding that electronic cigarettes “aggressively (promote) their products by using techniques and venues that appeal to youth” and … Continue reading

CVS To Be Tobacco-Free By October

CVS Pharmacy

Written by Peter Frost – Chicago Tribune See original article here CVS Caremark Corp. is on track to remove all tobacco products from its 7,600 stores by Oct. 1, the president of its pharmacy division said Thursday. CVS in February said it would abandon its $2 billion-a-year tobacco business in favor of bolstering … Continue reading

Bad News: E-Cigs Alter Cells A Lot Like Tobacco Does

E-Cigs Alter Cells

Written by Adam Clark Estes – Gizmodo See original article here A new cancer study brings more bad news to the e-cigarette industry. Scientists exposed human bronchial cells to e-cig vapor and found that it altered the cells in a way not dissimilar to tobacco. In other words, that delicious, seemingly risk-free nicotine … Continue reading

Study Finds E-Cig Vapor Affects Cells Like Tobacco Smoke

Ecig Vapor Affects Cells

Written by Drew Prindle – Digital Trends See original article here Electronic cigarettes have experienced a pretty sizable uptick in popularity over the past few years, partially due to the fact that they’re sometimes touted as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. But a newly-published study –one of the first to examine the biological effects … Continue reading

Cigarettes Make Superbugs Stronger

Cigarettes Superbug

Written by Melissa Breyer – Mother Nature Network See original article here Cigarettes make superbugs stronger (and e-cigarettes aren’t much better) Both cigarette smoke and e-cigarette vapor increase the virulence of potentially life-threatening bacteria while also decreasing the body’s ability to fight them, new study finds. If superbugs could talk, they’d … Continue reading

Smoking Kills – Kids Need To Know That

Smoking Kills - Kids Need To Know

Written by Lisa Salmon – BT See original article here Plain packaging’s a positive step, but let’s bring back those terrifying anti-smoking TV ads too, says Lisa Salmon So the UK is one step closer to introducing plain packaging for cigarettes, with the ultimate aim being to deter children from smoking. Any … Continue reading

5 Important Lessons From The Biggest E-Cigarette Study

E Cig Nation

Written by Anna Almendrala – The Huffington Post See original article here Those colorfully lit e-cigarettes are giving off way more than just “harmless water vapor,” according to a comprehensive new study review by UC San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. Users could also be inhaling and exhaling low … Continue reading

E-Cigarettes Don’t Actually Help People Quit Smoking

e-cigarette - Jim Watson

Written by Jeffrey Schaub – CBS San Francisco See original article here E-Cigarettes Don’t Actually Help People Quit Smoking, According To 84 Different Studies SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS ) — A newly released UCSF research study shows that claims made by some electronic cigarette manufacturers—that the devices actually help people quit smoking—are unlikely. … Continue reading

E-Cigarettes Bill Faces Debate In Florida

E-Cigarettes Bill Debate

Written by Jack March – News On Wellness See original article here Electronic cigarettes’ bill to restrict selling to minor in Florida is facing opposition from a coalition of anti-tobacco activists. They are opposing about a clause that, if passed, will handover all the power to legislature and not the local governments. The … Continue reading